Massage benefits our body in many ways. The study continues to prove that even a single massage therapy is good for both physical and emotional. As the number of effective health benefits grows, so doing some massage is a more balanced lifestyle. So, what are the benefits of massage? Here to talk about you!

Mitigation of stress is one of the benefits of first appearing in mind to massage treatment. It is also an important part of a person trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Clinical studies have shown that even a single one and a half hours of massage can significantly reduce heart rate, cortisol levels and insulin levels, which help reduce stress by massage therapy.

The body can produce unhealthy hormones that accumulate when we are in crowded traffic, or meet the deadline for work. Depression has long been the “stress hormone” cortisol levels, can lead to insomnia, headache, and even digestion problems. Massage has been proven to reduce the body’s cortisol. This allows the body to enter a relaxed rest and recovery mode. In fact, massage triggers the chemical reaction of the brain, which can lead to lasting relaxation of feelings, reduced stress and improved mood.

Massage therapy is a good way to maintain and improve flexibility and exercise therapy. Through the work of muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints, regular massage can increase your flexibility and scope of motion to make your joints more fluid and make them less susceptible to injury. Clinical studies have shown that frequent massage not only helps to relieve stress but can naturally increase the immune system’s ability to kill (the level of natural killer cells “activity) and reduce the amount of T cells that increase the immune function of the body overall.