Sciatica is one of the most common clinical disease, the disease refers to the sciatic nerve itself or in the surrounding structural lesions caused by sciatic nerve pathway, that is, waist, buttocks after the thigh, lateral leg and foot lateral pain, is the motherland medicine ” Category, mostly by the wind cold dampness qi stagnation blood stasis caused by meridians

   In recent years, we use acupuncture combined with massage treatment of the disease received a more satisfactory effect, now 84 cases of treatment reported as follows:

   First, clinical data

   The group of 84 cases were outpatient treatment patients, including 59 males, 25 females, the oldest 67 years old, the youngest 18 years old, short course of 7 days, 6 years for the elderly.

   Second, the treatment:

   General pain from the lumbosacral by the buttocks, thigh back, calf after the lateral lateral abdomen to disperse, was persistent pain, moving pain, such as bending, coughing, sneezing, limb weakness, action difficulties, ipsilateral Waist, hip, peroneal, ankle and so have obvious tenderness point, the calf and the back of the foot may have acupuncture, numbness, burning and other sensory, straight leg raising test positive, white fur, pulse string tight.

   Prescription: large intestine Yu, ring jump, commissioned, Yanglingquan, absolutely bone, Kunlun.

   Sciatica more in the bladder, gall bladder disease, so follow the access to the large intestine Yu, Venezuela, the Kunlun, dredge the sun meridians, exorcism, ring jump, Yanglingquan, absolutely through the meridians.