It is the best time to get massage before going to bed and at night. Morning massage helps to refreshing, massage at night to help relieve fatigue. Massage can get people to relax, is conducive to physical and mental health.

When not to have massage?

1. When the skin is in a sensitive period, the body is extremely tired or drunk, not suitable for meridian massage;

2 in menstruation or pregnancy of women, not suitable for massage;

3. After dinner, not suitable for immediate massage, at least half an hour before they can massage; of course, just after the massage, also need to wait for half an hour before they can eat.

4. Hypertension or fever patients, can not be massage, otherwise it will lead to accelerated blood circulation, aggravate the condition.

Massage, the muscles to relax, or not only can not enjoy the massage of the comfort, but also to the body harm; massage strength to moderate, too light to get the effect of massage, too much will bring harm to the body; The phenomenon of dry mouth, to avoid eating cold drinks, drinking ice water.