Massage has a good health care effect, and now more and more people choose this leisure health care. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, massage has a lot of efficacy, the following for everyone to introduce a brief.

1. Effect one: clear the meridians “Huang Di Nei Jing,” said: “meridian unreasonable; disease in the heartless, rule of the massage”, that massage has clear the role of the meridians. Such as rubbing Zusanli, push the spleen can increase the secretion of digestive function, etc., from the modern medical point of view, massage is mainly by stimulating the peripheral nerve. Promote the blood, lymph circulation and intercellular metabolic processes to coordinate the organization, the function between organs, so that the function of the metabolic level has improved.

2. Effect two: to reconcile the blood
Ming Dynasty health home Luo Hong in the “Wanshou cents book,” said: “massage law can clear the Maoqiao, can move to Rong Wei.” Here the movement of rotation Wei Wei, is to reconcile the meaning of qi and blood.

Because the massage is to soft, light and power, through the meridians, according to acupuncture points, surgery in the human body, through the meridian conduction to regulate the body, to reconcile the camp health and blood, enhance the body health.

Modern medicine believes that the mechanical stimulation of the massage technique, by converting the mechanical energy into the combined effect of heat energy, in order to improve the temperature of the local tissue.

Promote telangiectasia, improve blood and lymph circulation, reduce blood viscosity, reduce peripheral vascular resistance, reduce the burden on the heart, it can prevent cardiovascular disease.

3. Effect three: improve immunity
Such as pediatric dysentery, by the symptoms of reduced or disappeared; children with wet and dry lungs, according to rubbing small stripes. Palm stripes effective.

Some people in the same age group of children tied to the control group for health massage, massage the children group, the incidence decreased, height, weight, appetite and so were higher than the control group.

More than clinical practice and other animal experiments have proved that massage with anti-inflammatory, fever, improve the role of immunity, can enhance the body’s resistance to disease.

It is also because the massage can clear the meridian. So that blood circulation, to maintain the body’s yin and yang balance, so massage can feel muscle relaxation, flexible joints, people excited, to eliminate fatigue, to ensure that health has an important role.