Asuna seals the newest promise that have a hug, really assuring Kirito away from his worries

Asuna and you will Kirito quickly began its get off of lack in the Knights of one’s Bloodstream Oath as soon as buying their brand new house, they get married and commence to love the vacation. Asuna guarantees Kirito this lady feelings having your really are actual and you can demonstrates after they fundamentally manage return to real life, she will discover him and you may adore him immediately after once more. Ever since then, Asuna and you may Kirito gladly delight in their honeymoon together with her. During their honeymoon, Asuna and Kirito discovered an early on woman entitled Yui and even though it later on receive she is an enthusiastic AI (Artificial Intelligence), it sooner or later embrace the girl while the she’s human functions and you may setup a close thread with them.

Yet not, Kirito worried, magic if the its matchmaking is really genuine or can it just exist from inside the virtual globe and not from inside the real world

Kirito amenities Asuna as they care for to carry on assaulting to return for the real world and have a future with her.

After the newest situations, Asuna and you can Kirito’s honeymoon try disturbed when they’re called straight back with the action. If the assault people discover second boss room and you may see of the significant risks, people seriously desires clear SAO as part of your. Fearing Asuna’s cover, Kirito requires Asuna to stay about, refusing the woman becoming threatened or possibly slain, demonstrating the guy thinking the lady shelter ahead of their own. However, Asuna becomes aggravated and reveals in the event that Kirito died within the race, she’d willingly commit committing suicide, discussing there isn’t any point in way of life if the Kirito actually from the their front side and would never forgive herself often in the event the something was indeed to take place. Kirito begins to tell you his worries and you can wishes to Asuna, sharing his want to runaway together and stay at the cabin if they never ever clear the online game. If you are Asuna desires an equivalent attract just like the Kirito, she shows they can’t, reminding Kirito the correct bodily authorities try distress regarding the actual world and tend to be simply being remaining live because of the servers. Reading Asuna’s conditions helps make discover Kirito that whether or not they obvious the newest online game or not, people is not able to thrive as the today he could be towards a period restrict for their success. Asuna after that continues to help you shout because the Kirito welcomes their, sharing the girl good wish to have these to stand with her forever and enjoys a true future about real world.

Fundamentally, Asuna and you will Kirito manage to continue the battle as freed out-of SAO to ensure the way forward for its relationships

Following the company strive, Kirito and Asuna with the rest of the members found Commander Heathcliff was Akihiko Kayaba, the new journalist of SAO plus the reason behind people becoming swept up on the game. Kayaba made an undertake Kirito, when the he managed to overcome him men and women inside SAO create ultimately getting free. Asuna was against Kirito assaulting him, however, when you find yourself she came to accept his elizabeth devastated when Kirito generated Kayaba vow to not let Asuna to visit suicide when the he passed away. Within the endeavor whenever Kirito involved to get struck, Asuna for some reason were able to neutralise the fresh poison within her and you can jumped to defend Kirito, sooner or later using deadly strike instead. Asuna in the near future passed away when you look at the Kirito’s palms making your one another heartbroken and you may devastated and you may almost leftover him no commonly to combat for the. But not, Kirito were able to win back their power through to remembering Asuna’s reassurance and you can finally beaten Kayaba permanently, however, died in the act.

Kirito in the near future receive himself reawakened during the an unfamiliar area and far in order to their shock and you will joy, the guy and you can Asuna reunited and you can common a kiss. It in the near future discover they were a lot more than Aincrad, enjoying whilst slow started initially to crumble and you will break apart and you may turned saddened once they witnessed its cabian are lost. Later on far on their surprise and you may disbelief, Asuna and you will Kirito came across Akihiko Kayaba and get why the guy created the brand new demise games. Akihiko Kayaba reveals young the guy became enthusiastic about Aincrad palace and you may planned to perform it, providing them with no clear reasoning and you can vanishes, but not in advance of congratulating Kirito for the cleaning Blade Art Online. Asuna and you can Kirito cuddle along with her and show a final hug just like the they prepare to express good-bye.