Even after studying the scenario, he however are unable to assist however, become certain take care of the woman, while the shown inside the Danganronpa step 3

He has a crush into Monaca and you will many times manages to lose his composure when Monaca really does easy things such as healthy your, and that she does purposefully to govern your. Another Fighters regarding Promise has often times implicated your off getting including a grownup, particularly when he became embarrassed and you can protective regarding the their attitude whenever the others teased your and you may Monaca attempted to build your acknowledge that he likes their, that have Monaca pointing out the shame and you will hesitancy try adult-as with comparison with the trustworthiness children keeps. The fresh new sensual magazine in his place subsequent implies that he’s certain desire for mature anything whether or not he admits it or otherwise not.

Regardless of what smart Nagisa is one of the Warriors, the fresh new creators has actually said that they are really the extremely man-like with his identity

This could refer to how with ease he had been controlled because of the Monaca, and how he was so blinded from the their love that he neglected the girl bad traits and considered she try it really is a sweet girl up until she found her correct character.

Before the Disaster

Nagisa came into this world and you can elevated from inside the Towa Town. He was a young child prodigy and you may raised become the ultimate man and something of society’s elites. Their father try a teacher in the Hope’s Top Academy’s Basic College or university department hence Nagisa went to and as a result, he questioned his man to be a knowledgeable. He was about category of troublemakers including Monaca, Jataro Kemuri, Kotoko Utsugi and you will Masaru Daimon, although the guy resented becoming called a “troublemaker”. Purportedly, he set-up a great crush on Monaca yet, on account of the girl relatively form nature.

Nagisa’s parents’ psychology with the raising him is like to experience good games. To make sure that Nagisa so you can “get EXP and you will height upwards”, he’d to review for below average lengths of time. However link to an IV with opportunity capsules to help you “restore Hp” whether or not it checked because if he’d pass-out of weakness. He had been and always seen with cams.

Nagisa’s father pressed his man to study non-end for days. He would do things particularly excel brilliant lights toward his son’s sight if the guy looked since if the guy have been becoming exhausted at any time except that the fresh new short periods he was enabled to sleep. He was together with threatened which have firearms or other bodily punishment. In one of the in the-video game CG, a knife is seen to your corner of Nagisa’s table together with multiple spots of blood, implying their fool around with. Nagisa’s participation in all in the was at the name off an experiment that would you will need to dictate simply how much mental and physical stress a young child might take just before interacting with their cracking point.

As the Nagisa’s dad failed to have the test overall performance he was assured having, he didn’t look for wrong in his way of doing things and as an alternative reach think his guy a deep failing once the a test topic. Also, it is required your mothers have been given which have other man and you may restarting the brand new experiment with a shot subject.

Li’l Best Societal Training Nagisa is quite smart because of constant training. Throughout their addition to Komaru, according to him you to definitely societal knowledge is only one of the many victims he or she is proficient at. It is said that he’s decent at the other academic subjects as well. Records

Whenever Nagisa learned he is actually shedding lacking his dad’s criterion, he felt such as solid notice-disliking and you may guilt that he wished to die. The guy thought that he hadn’t complete one thing correct, though there have been instance higher hopes for him. The guy expected as to the reasons he had been just how he had been, as to the reasons he wasn’t created better and just why he was not the little one their dad wanted. Since the “only hopeless idiots fritter away their existence with worry about-hatred”, Nagisa decided to just overlook the pain the guy believed and you can worked even harder and harder, regardless of how highest the requirement would be. He did not want to let you down his dad again payday cash loans Miami.