My friends asked questions like, how many she has had sex with

It’s good that no photos have been exchanged, but your friend may want to play it safe and not have sexual conversations with this girl

When I was 13 I sent some nudes to my boyfriend. We broke up later that year. I wasn’t aware of this law till I was 14. I am 16 and he threatening to use those pictures against me from 3 years ago.. Is there anything I can do? Dear Diana: Discuss this with your parents who can take action in protecting you from further exposure. They can contact the boy and his parents and the police if necessary. They may also want to consider asking a court for a restraining order against the boy. That would keep him from sharing the photos with anyone or on any social media site. Good luck. (This is information only – not legal advice).

Okay, so that he lives in Europe won’t change it at all? Also, she or her parents wrote that they were gonna contact the police. Thank you for you help! Dear Carl: Basically, you have to look at the laws of both places – her state and his country. Because she and her parents are the ones contacting the police, you have to look at her state’s laws concerning online communication with minors, etc. If there is a law that applies to their situation, the fact that he is overseas does not mean that the law doesn’t apply to him. (Check our Resource Directory for more help and resources in your area.Read More