Two detained in Killings of Transgender ladies in Puerto Rico

The police believed they had categorized the fatalities as a hate crime following the stays of two people are obtained in a seriously burned wheels yesterday evening.

Every week following system of two transgender people comprise within a badly burned auto in Puerto Rico, law enforcement believed monday that they experienced apprehended two guys in connection with the killings and had converted all of them to the F.B.I.

The males, Juan Carlos Pagan Bonilla, 21, and Sean Diaz de Leon, 19, are used into custody of the children on Wednesday but I have definitely not become energized, based on Capt. Teddy Morales, the main of unlawful investigations for its authorities in Humacao, on Puerto Rico’s easterly seashore, where the women’s remains comprise seen on April 22.

He claimed the F.B.I. received absorbed the scenario and was exploring Mr. Pagan Bonilla and Mr. Diaz de Leon for conceivable civil-rights violations.

“We tends to be categorizing it as a detest criminal activity simply because they had been interacting employing the victims, once the two determined they certainly were transgender people, these people proceeded to eliminate these people,” master Morales stated on wednesday.Read More