Chinese massage is based on traditional Chinese medicine theory of health massage; meridian acupuncture massage, its tactical penetration, can relax the muscles, relieve fatigue, regulate the body’s function, with the ability to improve the body immunity, clear the meridians, balance yin and yang, longevity effect. The six parts of the

Chinese massage:

  • The head
  • The size of the arm
  • The chest and abdomen
  • The leg {front}
  • the back
  • hip and hind legs

Thai health massage is popular in Thailand, a massage, is the traditional massage from China evolved, it is the main activities of the joints, concise and practical approach, is one of the better way of health care. It is mainly active joints, no acupuncture points, unlike the Chinese massage. Easy to learn, easy to moderate, practical and strong. Thai massage is very focused on the back, waist stretch, massage from the toes began to work until the head is considered a set of action, from the foot to the direction of the heart massage. The massage is a kneeling service, the left and right hand alternately action, gentle, uniform, moderate speed, in order to carry out the action, touch, pull, knead, pinch and so on. Bath after the Thai health massage, can make people quickly eliminate fatigue, restore physical fitness, but also enhance the flexibility and vitality of the joint ligament, to restore the normal joint function, to promote the body fluid circulation, health and disease prevention, fitness beauty effect.


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